Allen Group LLP Announces Three New Partner Appointments

accounting for the winery and construction industry

Allen Group LLP ( is pleased to announce that it has appointed Shannon Pakes CPA (inactive), Scott Stone CPA and Hiromi Young CPA / CCIFP as Partners at the firm. Founded by Timothy Allen CPA, Allen Group is a client advisory service CPA firm which provides a complete range of accounting, finance and advisory services […]

Megan Nelms, CPA Promoted to Senior Manager at Allen Group LLP

Megan Nelms Allen Group LLP

SANTA ROSA, CA – July 21, 2021 – Allen Group LLP ( is pleased to announce the promotion of Megan Nelms, CPA to Senior Manager at the firm. Founded by Timothy Allen CPA, Allen Group is a leading client advisory service firm which provides a complete range of accounting, finance and advisory services exclusively to […]

Do You Know Your Overhead Costs?

Construction Overhead Costs

Many contractors focus on estimating accurate costs for each job, which is the first step to run successful construction companies. In order to bid as well as to achieve a profit margin target successfully, you need know if the cost estimates for your bids include sufficient profit margin including your field and office overhead costs? […]

Employee Retention Credits for the Wine Industry

Fiscal year 2020 was tough on just about all business, and the future of 2021 is very much uncertain. Few industries have been hit harder than the wine industry. When it comes to bottled wine sales, much of a winery’s revenue comes from bulk sales to restaurants, most of which have been closed entirely, or […]

Employee Retention Credits for the Construction Industry

Employee Retention Credits

2020 was a tough year, especially for the complex and large-scale nature of the construction industry. While some areas of the country chose this time to break ground and complete construction projects, many others were halted completely. As financial professionals in the construction industry, we know that when the wheels on your heavy machinery stop […]

Best Management Reporting Practices for Wineries

At AWG, we are frequently asked about the best practices for internal financial management reporting for wineries. What is the right amount of reporting that doesn’t create too much paperwork? How much time should you spend making and editing reports? From my thirty years of accounting and finance experience in the wine industry, I can […]

Allen Wine Group Announces New Compliance Division

Accounting & Compliance Services For Wine Industry

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Allen Wine Group, a leading wine industry firm offering CFO, accounting and bookkeeping services to the wine industry, announced today their new compliance division, Allen Wine Compliance. The addition of the compliance division will enable Allen Wine Group to provide a one-stop solution for businesses in the wine industry.  Services […]

Accounting and Reconciliation of COVID-19 Impact

Accounting Companies for the Construction Industry

COVID-19 has created numerous challenges for businesses around the world. While new laws aimed at reducing financial burden provide significant pandemic relief, they also required an unprecedented financial reporting interpretation of the aid.  Construction business is considered as a high-risk activity and its financial statements are closely scrutinized by lenders or sureties during the anticipated […]

Wine’s New Guard

Here is an excerpt from a great article in Wine Spectator featuring our very own Isaiah Fitzgerald-Palacio: New generations bring change and growth. In wine and related industries, today’s group of young professionals is the most diverse ever. Supporting these individuals’ dreams are schools that educate students in wine, be it the science of winemaking, […]

Using the Standard Cost Method for Wine

Standard Cost Method for Wine

Inventory costing is the most complex part of winery accounting.  In order to comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), wineries must take into account the cost of grapes that go into the wine, the cost of the wine that goes into the bottle, and the cost of bottling and packaging the finished product.  Most […]