A Conversation About Today’s Wine Industry Challenges

Listen to a casual and insightful discussion on the Small Fortune Podcast. Carol Collison and Tim Allen of Allen Wine Group have a conversation about today’s wine industry challenges.

Everyone’s so busy these days! So host Carol Collison invited Tim from Allen Wine Group to join her for a wide ranging conversation on topics such as the current industry environment, demand changes and down cycles, do we understand the new wine drinkers? How bad costing can tank a business, and Carol’s partner Mike Fisher’s talent as an expert witness, among other topics.

Today’s Wine Industry Challenges

“We are not in charge like we were in the past. Now, the business is demand based. We listen to demand and then we supply it.” -Tim Allen

Tim and Carol shake down the current picture of the wine business, sales, and marketing in 2024. They also highlight the best approaches to growing a wine business and where to keep investment eyes open for new opportunities.

Today’s Wine Industry Consumer is Setting the Sales Direction

Market research is more important than ever as new products are launched. New wine drinkers drive profits for the industry; understanding new wine products that will sell is the key to success. These business development strategies are the types of inputs Allen Wine Group offers in collaboration with their financial services. Tim leads Allen Wine Group with decades of experience and pairs it with the financial creativity he has learned from his love for the industry.

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