Winery Industry Bookkeeping Services

A winery field

Allen Wine employs a team of educated, experienced accountants who provide bookkeeping services exclusively to the winery industry. The bookkeeping team is managed by a small group of CPAs with decades of hands-on experience in winery accounting and finance. At Allen Wine, we believe that technology has an important place in bookkeeping, but also that technology can't replace the value of education, experience and judgement by the accountant performing the work.

The services we offer to our clients include:

  • accounts payable & purchases, 1099's
  • accounts receivable & sales
  • DTC sales reporting from POS and wine club systems
  • credit card reconciliations
  • payroll & human resources administration
  • fixed assets database management, GAAP & tax
  • accruals & general ledger work
  • inventory reconciliations
  • bank reconciliations
  • month-end and year-end accounting close
  • federal & CA excise tax reporting, 702 reporting
  • CA sales tax and compliance reporting