Teri Molini Appointed Compliance Manager at Allen Wine Group

Teri Molini - Allen Group

SANTA ROSA, CA – October 11, 2022 – Allen Wine Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Teri Molini as Compliance Manager to lead the Allen Wine Compliance division.  The addition of Teri Molini allows Allen Wine Group to provide a one-stop compliance solution for businesses in the wine industry.  Services offered by Allen Wine Compliance include all aspects of wine compliance, including licensing, renewals, product registrations, and reporting for federal, California, out of state and export. 

Teri Molini has more than thirty years of wine compliance management experience.  Her experience includes work at Chalk Hill Estate, Guenoc Winery, Andretti Winery, Kirkland Winery and most recently with Baril Compliance Service, where she was Vice President and Office Administrator.

“We are very pleased to have Teri Molini join Allen Wine Group and lead the compliance division,” says Timothy Allen, founder and managing partner.  “Our firm has successfully provided outsourced finance and accounting services to the wine industry for twelve years.  With the addition of Teri Molini, we believe we’re well positioned to help our clients navigate the complex steps needed to achieve and maintain compliance.”

Located in Santa Rosa, California, Allen Wine Group provides federal, state, out-of-state, and international compliance services for businesses in the wine industry. Services offered by the company include state and federal reporting, FDA registration, TTB label approvals (COLAs), California sales tax reporting, ABC licensing, out-of-state brand registration, out-of-state sales tax reporting, and assistance with international export documents and SLI.

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