Allen Wine Group Announces Two New Certificate Seminars: Winery Controller & Winery CFO

Allen Group Certificate Seminars: Winery Controller & Winery CFO

SANTA ROSA, CA – June 28, 2022 – Allen Wine Group ( is pleased to announce the creation of two new certificate seminars exclusively for the wine industry: winery controller, and winery CFO.  The courses will be taught by seven different AWG employee instructors, all of whom have worked at wineries and successfully performed as DTC manager, controller, CFO and president.

These conferences will educate and prepare winery finance professionals with the tools they need to succeed in their role.  Topics will include best practices, IT solutions, accounting vs. planning, and all other winery accounting & finance related topics.  Attendees will learn value-add processes and procedures which will immediately benefit the winery employer and prepare the attendee for their next promotion.

“The wine industry is terribly specialized in terms of accounting and finance, and yet there’s no standard information available to winery finance professionals,” says Timothy Allen CPA, founder of Allen Wine Group.  “We are pleased to offer the industry a collective group of knowledge to further everyone’s financial understanding of the wine industry.  We will bring together all industry members – winery employees, wine CPA firm professionals, wine bankers, wine attorneys.” 

About Allen Wine Group

Founded by Timothy Allen CPA, a winery financial expert with over thirty years of experience, Allen Wine Group is located in Santa Rosa, CA and serves wine industry clients throughout the United States.  Registration for these courses is available at  Both courses will be offered in late August 2022.


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